Fundraising in Silicon Valley

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Fundraising in Silicon Valley

Course Description

Silicon Valley have the largest congomerate of venture capital investors and they are very picky as they always have plenty of startups to invest in right outside their door steps. However, as the venture capital world also gets more competitive many VCs look abroad and invest in foreign startups, but often with the prerequisite that you have an office or establishement in Silicon Valley. This crash course provides advice and feedback directly from Silicon Valley investors themselves and is valuable for both local and international startups who wants to fundraise in Silicon Valley.

Featured Speakers

  • Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Ventures
  • Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad Ventures Partner
  • Ben Narasin, Canvas Ventures
  • Brian Ascher, Venrock
  • Rob Coneybeer, Shasta Ventures
  • David Wu, Maveron
  • Ash Damle, Lumiata

Why take this crash course?

  • Prepare yourself for your next fundraising round
  • Learn the ins and out of pitching to Silicon Valley investors
  • Get the tips and tricks to meet with investors with confidence

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