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Founders’ Reality – A Full-Time Job x3!

Welcome to Startupedia’s Founders’ Reality Blog Series featuring startup founders from our community who will be sharing the hidden challenges of startup life and how to tackle them.

Featured Founder #1: Laurynas Riliskis, Founder & CEO of

At what stage are you with your startup?

We have been working on product market fit for about a year and we’re currently starting to raise our first round as we on-board our first beta customers.

What has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you solve it?

Building a startup is three full time jobs, in addition to learning and advancing new and existing skills. Coming from a technical background, I needed to improve my soft skills, such as business, funding, marketing, and growth.

I got accepted with a full scholarship to an MBA-program, but it took away a lot of time from building the company. This is when I found The best part about the quality content is that they are concentrated bite-sized videos where I now can learn new things related to building my company while taking coffee breaks.

What has been your biggest mistake so far and what did you learn to do differently?

Taking too much outside influence! Advice and feedback is an amazing tool for improvement but I’m being pulled in all sorts of directions and it’s bad. I’ve learned to identify the core competence, the context, and the background of the offered advice and take it into consideration from that point of view.

How do you pick yourself up during tough times?

Most important for me was to recognize and accept that an entrepreneur’s life is tough every single day. I think starting the day at 5 AM with yoga helps too! Namaste!  

Laurynas Top Startupedia video picks:

About Laurynas and

Laurynas Riliskis is the founder and CEO of, developing software for automation of data security and privacy. His work is based on his past three years of research at Stanford University in collaboration with MIT, UC Berkeley, and UPenn, as well as leading corporations including Intel, VMWare, and Panasonic. His research has been published more than 40 times in many scientific conferences and he has eight prestigious awards for scientific excellence.‘s self-service SaaS enables efficient GDPR compliant workflows that help companies to manage their customers’ personal data: from customer consent, to handling customer requests (e.g. erasure, export) through the simplest user interface. More info at


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