Learn from the experience of our speakers – Mitch Kitamura

Mitch Kitamura

Mitch Kitamura

 Managing Director, Draper Nexus


Mitch Kitamura launched JAIC’s US investment arm in 2000, and brings a comprehensive background in business expansion between Asia and US, having invested across 30 startups. Prior to Draper Nexus, his investments have yielded 3 successful M&As – Solidcore (Symantec), W.I.S Technologies (Micronas), Cerberian (Blue Coat Systems) and 2 IPOs – Mediaplex and Fortinet. Mitch serves as a Board Observer/Director at MobilePeak Systems, Analogix Semiconductorand GCT Semiconductor.

At Draper Nexus, he specializes in Consumer/ Enterprise Internet Services, and Mobile in US and Japan. Prior to JAIC, he held various positions at JETRO New York, including working closely with local/state government in expanding US companies into Japan.

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