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Peter Mullen

 Director of Business Development, Accomplio


Peter has enjoyed a long and diverse career in the technology industry and is particularly impassioned with opportunities to upset the status quo and seek unconventional solutions to conventional problems. Peter began his career at Hewlett-Packard, where he enjoyed 21 years in IT, Product Marketing/Product Management, Sales and Channel Partner program development. Always on the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies, Peter worked with the world’s first online bank, helping pioneer several initiatives around online financial transactions for consumers, small business and corporate banking. After several stints at various internet and software service providers, Peter provides consulting expertise in the B2B startup space as an adviser, business developer, fundraiser and ambassador. In the new world of long tail market development and technology-led social interactions, Peter’s approach of an event-driven, ‘meet first, connect later’, augmented by social tools is the better way to go. Peter currently is an advisor at Alchemist Accelerator and Business Developer for Speakeasy Tech in San Francisco.

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