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We are incredibly excited to announce a brand new Startupedia, dedicated to providing knowledge, resources and support to our startup community! Startupedia is your go-to online resource to navigate and learn about building a successful startup in Silicon Valley. Since its initial launch in spring 2016, we have expanded our Startupedia video library to include more than 200 videos by over 50 founders, investors, and industry leaders sharing their best advice about building a startup.

With our latest iteration of Startupedia, we have launched new initiatives to help you tackle some key challenges:

VC Connect – VC Connect is a closed online webinar limited to 7 spots for startup founders to have an intimate conversation with each participating investor. Every month you will have the opportunity to connect with an investor in your industry, and discuss everything from due diligence to terms sheet, valuations to investor pitches, investment process, and go-to-market strategies. You’ll also get to benchmark yourself and discuss challenges and solutions with peers in the same tech industry as you are.

Crash Courses – With our crash courses, international entrepreneurs will learn key insights to specific topics such as fundraising in Silicon Valley, setting up a corporation in the US, and more.
Each crash course is designed specifically to give you key information in a short amount of time—when you arrive in Silicon Valley, you’re already in-tune with how things work, and can make most out of your time here and connect with the right people.

Free consultation from our trusted partners – Under ‘Resources’ you’ll find the ‘Your Guide to Silicon Valley’ a list of service providers and companies that support entrepreneurs. In those listings, you’ll find selected companies with a ‘free consultation’ button. Setting up shop in Silicon Valley isn’t easy, and we wanted to make things even easier by providing you with an opportunity to connect with and vet service providers who can get you where you need to go.

We have a long way to go to reach our goal: becoming the ultimate online resource for you as an entrepreneur. We need your help in order to get there! Please share your feedback anonymously in the icon (hotjar poll) to the right or feel free to email me at with any feedback you might have – good or bad!

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