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Rashmi Gopinath/ July, 2018


At Startupedia’s VC Connect Q&A Webinar startup founders get to connect with an investor to discuss fundraising and challenges within a specific tech vertical – this time focused on Artificial Intelligence.

We had guest speaker Rashmi Gopinath, Partner at M12 – Microsoft Ventures for a Q&A discussion on Artificial Intelligence and fundraising! Watch this video to get answers on the applications and implementation of AI and how to successfully raise funding as an AI startup.

Rashmi Gopinath answer the following questions in the webinar:

  • 01:44 – How is M12 setup and what type of startups do you invest in?
  • 07:49 – What are some of your recent AI investments?
  • 11:40 – In which industries have you found the most AI applications?
  • 21:58 – With all the buzz, how does AI startup successfully raise funding?
  • 26:19 – What challenges do you see in scaling an AI application?
  • 30:42 – Does M12 help with getting access to data from Microsoft?
  • 31:52 – Have you seen any startups that are looking to leverage blockchain and AI?
  • 33:08 – How can startups on-board fortune 500 companies for user trials?

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  • Rashmi Gopinath, Microsoft Ventures
  • July, 2018
  • 36:12
  • Fundraising, Artificial Intelligence, VC Connect

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