At what stage of my startup
can I apply to 500 startups?

Edith Yeung / November, 2017


Edith Yeung, Partner, Mobile Collective at 500 Startups explains how to put together a successful application to 500 Startups.

Video Transcript

At what stage of my startup can I apply to 500 startups?

We absolutely encourage after launch, and that’s particularly for B2C. Most of the app developers I know can launch apps over a weekend and just wait for approval. If you’re a B2B focused on business, we would like to see at least two or three pilot customers, because usually takes much longer circles and it’s even harder for us to invest in that enterprise-focused things. But having said that, still, I don’t want to discourage you but at least do something, do some customer development first before you apply. So I wouldn’t say like if you pure idea stage probably not but after lunch and when before you raise your first round. We’re very open would love to have you apply because going through that process at least you know what we ask even if you don’t get accepted that process is really valuable. We’re very open to chat with you and to give you guys advise.



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