Can you build metrics around startup company culture?

Holly Liu / November, 2017


Holly Liu founded the venture-backed mobile gaming company, Kabam in 2006 with UC Berkeley alumni. Kabam was sold to South Korea’s Netmarble Games for a reported $800 million in 2017. Holly led the design for Kabam’s award-winning “Kingdoms of Camelot” franchise, which has grossed over $250 million in less than four years.

Watch this video as she explains how you can track and build metrics around startup culture.

Video transcript:

Can you build metrics around startup company culture?

Building metrics for startup culture, I think varies from organization to organization. Because of my belief that alignment is one of the largest things into moving culture as well as the performance and direction of the company. Most metrics that goes around alignment is something that I believe you should put into place. At Kabam we’ve definitely been iterating and changing and looking into a lot of these things.

But there are probably some metrics that we can definitely try to measure, how aligned are they. Does everybody know our vision? And then from that, you know how do they feel about our vision? I know a lot of the things get interpreted into a workplace survey. If you can align around the goals. That is the whole purpose of the goals is to align the organization. How far did we reach on those goals? Does everybody know the goals? Does everyone know their role on these goals? 

I believe that those kinds of metrics can really measure the strength and the alignment of the actual culture and figure out ‘ok, what are ways that are in the way in terms of moving that’. You’ll find that is very often the cultural pieces that are in the way; communication is not strong enough, nobody tells me about these decisions that are being made, my manager never talks to me. All of those things that just really impede on the alignment and focus of moving.



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