How can I efficiently lead a team with varying personalities?

Mary Bui-Pham / November, 2017


Mary Bui-Pham, VP of Operations & Chief of Staff at Yahoo’s Publisher Products explain what you need to do to make every voice heard in the team.

Video Transcript

How can I efficiently lead a team with varying personalities?

The way that I think about the different teams and team dynamics on how to lead the team to be super productive and high performing. In tech, we have people from different backgrounds and different personalities., so again it’s about taking the time to understand everybody’s motivation, everybody’s’ experiences and everybody’s strength.

Some people are very comfortable thinking out loud, and there are other people that have to think more and internally about it, and sometimes in meetings they are very quiet. As a leader of a team, you have to make sure you understand all the different personalities in the room and draw out the conversations that the quiet person usually thinks very deeply, but it takes time for them to get to it.

Just because they are quiet doesn’t mean that they’re not thinking about it or that they don’t care. If you don’t know them, then you can’t draw it out of them so give the deep thinkers the introverts time to process the information and still contribute, it may not be immediately in that instance, but it may happen a little bit later. The people who think out loud who have strong opinions they will over talk anybody, so how do you balance that dynamic on the team, whether it is a team meeting or whether it is an architectural review. The key thing is all about people, technology problems are people-related, people problems are people-related, process problems are people-related. If you have to make the team work and gel and perform well together, you have to understand the people.



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