How can I submit a successful application
for an accelerator program?

Brayton Williams / November, 2017


Brayton Williams, Co-Founder and Partner at Boost VC explains why the right amount of effort and investment into your startup is important.

Video Transcript

How can I submit a successful application for an accelerator program?

The most important thing about any company is the team. So portray why your team is amazing, why you were the team to do this. Usually, it comes with you need to be somewhat technical or have some technical talent on the team, we cannot invest in a couple business people putting together business plans, unfortunately. Show that you have some experience in this space, maybe even working on VR for a long time or you know you want to disrupt the finance industry, because you’ve been in finance, and you used the blockchain. Relevant: how do you know your co-founder is probably one of the most important parts.

Hopefully, you’ve worked together for a while, you know each other, you like each other. I would say besides just giving up the number one reason companies will die is co-founder breakups, so that’s something we definitely look at. On co-founders, it’s great to have more than one founder on the team. It’s very hard to build a company by yourself. Besides team, does the idea makes sense? Is it a big idea? In the two spaces, we’re looking at, the markets are not big, so we are not looking to see if you have a great market share. We’re all betting, we all know, these are going to be big markets. Just stand out and show your passion for it, just be excited. Most of it comes through in an interview and you can just see that they’re putting everything into this.



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