How do I adapt my product to international markets?

Becky Ann Hughes / November, 2017


Becky Ann Hughes, VP, Glu Mobile explains how they adapt their mobile games to international markets from day one.

Video Transcript

How do I adapt my product to international markets?

Video gaming and especially mobile gaming is a global phenomenon, so all of our apps have to be developed for the world. A couple of things we do initially in the game development is that we make sure our art style and our mechanics themselves are very intuitive for anybody regardless of where you are at.

You can actually see how you will play and what you will play in any culture that you are in. We localize in 14 different languages across the world and we make sure that the localization is in the app store page as well as in the game so that they really have a good experience when they’re playing the game.



  • Becky Ann Hughes, Glu Mobile
  • November, 2017
  • 0:58
  • Product

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