How do I become a great founder and CEO?

David Gurle / November, 2017


David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony explain the mindset to have for self-development as a leader or in any role.

Video Transcript

How do I become a great founder and CEO?

I’ll respond by saying that I guess everybody has to embrace their job. They want to be the best at it. Whether you are a software engineer, this is how I started. Or you are a lawyer or you are a doctor or whatever trade you decide to go for, you want to be the best.

Nobody likes to be mediocre in what they do. Being best means that you have, like an athlete, they go and train a lot and gets videotaped so that people can analyze their technical skills and there is constant feedback that comes in. There is constant testing that goes on through regional competitions or two national competitions and etc. It’s not very different in a social environment of a professional life. Begin our training through our mentors, obviously through our education, but also through this constant grinding of our ideas and work with each other.

You have to know that any given day you have the opportunity to learn something from that interaction. Take it one layer up and think what did I learn about my job and what did I learn about myself. Align that, in the same way as an athlete do, for what is your end-game and then how you are going to take it forward and train for it. For example, if you are not a great speaker and the speaking is a very important part of your job because you have an outgoing responsibility. Then you need to get videotaped and people have to give you feedback and then you have to constantly iterate until you get there.

This is no different from any other trade whether you are a software engineer or a tester or a marketing person. For the CEO it is the same thing. CEO or founder responsibility is not rocket science. It is a combination of emotional and non-emotional intelligence whereby your humility and openness to feedback is the fuel that is going to help you to achieve more and be better.



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