How do I describe the customer pain points?

Gurjeet Singh / November, 2017


Gurjeet Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Ayasdi explains a different way of thinking about customer pain points.

Video transcript

How do I describe the customer pain points?

As a company, it took us a while to figure out the pain points. We had to do a lot of experimentation and I’ll go back to a Steve Blank quote. He often says in his material to get out of the building and talk to people. So we did that quite a lot especially in the early days of the company, to exactly figure out what is the problem, what are people trying to solve. It’s usually a very difficult answer, because when people propose a problem, when potential customers propose a problem, they already have the solution in mind. When anybody proposes a problem they already have a solution in mind. So you have to, as an entrepreneur or product manager importantly, you have to work with the customer and understand the reason behind their problem and not just the problem through the lense of a solution, which a customer always has. That’s a skill, it takes time to hone it.



  • Gurjeet Singh, Ayasdi
  • November, 2017
  • 1:09
  • Startup Basics

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