How do I find my first users?

Jessica Mah / November, 2017


Jessica Mah, CEO, and Co-Founder of InDinero explains how to recruit your first users or customers.

Video Transcript

How do I find my first users?

Some of the best ways to get your first users are to sell them yourself. So, when I first worked on my business, I went through my phone book, and my LinkedIn, and my Facebook and I called up every single entrepreneur I knew and said hey, I got an accounting solution for you. Could we grab a coffee, I want to pick your brain on it, ask for your feedback and your advice.

I wasn’t in it to sell it, I just started to get advice and feedback and over half of them ended up buying from me. So that’s how I got my first customers, they were just friends and people I knew. I met them at meetups, I met them at school and three other networking events.

Our first users we probably know them already. I think when you’re evaluating a business idea, we need to talk to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. One on one, to really know if this is something worth doing. I know with InDinero I spoked to at least a hundred of entrepreneurs before I actually engaged in it full-time. To this day I still talk to multiple customers every single week to get feedback. So it’s ongoing.



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