How do I find strategic partners as investors?

David Gurle / November, 2017


David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony explain how they got their potential customers to become their investors.

Video Transcript

How do I find strategic partners as investors?

That’s a tricky question, it’s not easy. Obviously, as you are building a company you have your product idea and the idea becomes the product itself and eventually goes to market. As you take your product to market, you have to scout for companies for which that product has a strategic value other than just a commercial asset, and the strategic value will have to be part of their value chain. In such a way that if they embrace this idea or this product, it is going to make a significant impact on their either bottom line or their top line.

Once you had that much, then you found a potential customer, partner, investor. It takes time to build this relationship and it takes also time to go to the right people in that company, especially for companies that are large. It takes between 3 months to 12 months to arrive at something like that and then you build iteratively.

As you build up your relationship with those partners, you open the idea that it might be to their benefit, if they were part of the investment as well as being your customer because they will not only benefit from the product but they will benefit from the outside that they are going to create by being a customer of the company and potentially benefit from a nice exit.



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