How do I make sure the product team works efficiently with the marketing team?

Becky Ann Hughes / November, 2017


Becky Ann Hughes, VP, Glu Mobile shares examples from what they do at Glu Mobile to increase the collaboration between product team and marketing team.

Video Transcript

How do I make sure the product team works efficiently with the marketing team?

We sit right next to the marketing team, side by side. The important thing for marketing is making sure they live and breathe the product as well so that whatever they are communicating reflects what’s in the product itself. That is really important.

We invite the marketing team to participate in stand-ups. We also invite them to what we call the power hour. Power hour is with the entire team and the marketing group, and anybody that wants to participate at the company gets together and plays the game.

You play the game, see what’s new, and give feedback. It gives a good feedback loop to the team, but also helps to make sure that everyone in the organization understands the product and is able to communicate it to our customers.



  • Becky Ann Hughes, Glu Mobile
  • November, 2017
  • 0:58
  • Product

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