How do I manage healthcare benefits for employees outside of US?

Haleigh Tebben / March, 2018


Haleigh Tebben, Partner at Mercer explains how you can manage the healthcare benefits for employees outside of US.

Video transcript:

How do I manage healthcare benefits for employees outside of US?

I think what happens a lot especially in the emerging tech or startup world, is that we have organizations that grow pretty quickly and have lean HR staffs. The US is extremely complex so obviously, that’s where most of their headcount initially start so getting that right is very important but there also is a big concern around what do we do outside of US. Because as these organizations grow in the US, sales tend to grow outside of US, and they start to have one, two, three people outside of the US, which is maybe not a big of an issue, but then they start to add 20-30 outside of the US.

I think it becomes a lot to get your arms around and handle so beyond being able to handle what you’re doing in the US, which is already a very complex healthcare system, making sure that you are doing the right things outside the US, that you are a benchmarked appropriately and that your setting up yourself for future growth success outside of the US tends to be a big topic of conversation for our clients.

At Mercer, we have an international benefits team that works alongside our domestic US benefits team. They are focused on understanding the requirements of all the countries outside of US. In addition, we have local resources within a large number of countries between Mercer and Marsh & McLennan outside of the US. We have both the local team here to help be a coordination point and support point for those clients who are in the US, but then we also have on the ground resources in the country to be able to make sure that we know the nuances, the legislation, the laws in those countries so together you’ve got a really consistent approach with a local support as well as in-country expertise.



  • Haleigh Tebben, Mercer
  • March, 2018
  • 2:00
  • Team, HR & Admin

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