How do I raise funding before
launching my product?

David Gurle / November, 2017


David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony explain the best way to raise some funding and gain confidence before launching your product.

Video Transcript

You know that’s so true, it’s becoming harder and harder to have an idea and get funding. So you going to have to be a thinker to some extent. You can today, through outsourcing, take your idea and transform it from concept to kind of a product, in a very short amount of time in a very little amount of money. By doing so you demonstrate your ability to be resourceful and this is one of the qualities of an entrepreneur, to be resourceful, and then once you have that concept kind of in place, then you go to people who know you, and hopefully some of them are friends, maybe some family members, some co-workers, even your manager or your management. They’ve got to know you in at work, they’ve got to know you outside the work, they understand your personality, understand your strengths and weaknesses. They are the right people to give the value judgment on yourself, as well as your idea which has become kind of this product. If you start there, two things happen: first of all you validate your idea, with people. And secondly they give you confidence and that confidence is super important. You are constantly challenged as a founder that your idea is stupid and that it’s never going to work. For any given idea, it’s going to be 99% of the people who are going to say this is not a good idea and 1% is going to say its good, and you are looking for that 1%. And this gives you the confidence to keep trying and trying again. And once you achieved one of two of those buyers, I would say, that becomes your springboard to bring others, because human beings like to see what others do before making a decision, and you are looking for the Proofpoint of what others thought about your product so that they can also make a decision similar to theirs.



  • David Gurle
  • November, 2017
  • 2.11
  • Funding

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