How do I run lean operations?

Anna Counselman / November, 2017


Anna Counselman, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, Upstart explains the mindset of always making things better to create leaner operations.

Video Transcript

How do I run lean operations?

I think the most important thing is to use every customer interaction as an opportunity to make the product better. The best customer interaction is the one you never needed to have because everything just works so smoothly that it never needed a face-to-face interaction with your company. At least, that’s, what it is in the web world. We really think hard as a team, but every time a customer calls in with a question, a complaint, an issue, anything, how can we make the product experience cleaner, easier, faster, cheaper, and more enjoyable, so that interaction can go away. That does require having a really, highly intelligent and critical thinking team to do your operations because they can’t just come in every day and do the job exactly as described. They need to be coming in and asking themselves “how do I make things better” but if you can do that, that will result in a leaner operation because instead of having more and more and more people, to adjust for whatever product issues you might be having, you can keep a lean team and then continue to improve the product instead.



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