How do I submit a successful
application to 500 startups?

Edith Yeung / November, 2017


Edith Yeung, Partner, Mobile Collective at 500 Startups explains how to put together a successful application to 500 Startups.

Video Transcript

How do I submit a successful application to 500 startups?

We have written many many posts I highly encourage you guys to go to our blog for specific advice. I think in general, we don’t really purely fund an idea. Because I focus on mobile, we usually don’t invest in things if you haven’t launched and I’m really hoping that in your application you’ll be able to speak more on metrics. Everybody talks about tractions but particularly with mobile if you’re mobile app, B2C focused. Definitely put down what’s your install, what’s your monthly active users, what’s your daily active users. I wanna know a founder who keeps track of that and should be especially for early-stage where you measure for success and growth. Also, I think in general, most investors are lazy. They want to know how much do you know the market landscape of what you are working on. So it’s not purely talking about yourself, but be able to articulate it. Ok, we know that this one, two, three companies are working on this, but this is what set us apart, this is what differentiates us and why. The way you article it, how you describe some of these metrics and where’s your place in the world will set you apart in your application.



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