How do I write the best first page
of a business plan?

Gurjeet Singh / November, 2017


Gurjeet Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Ayasdi explains the importance of a business plan and the components of it.

Video transcript

How do I write the best first page of a business plan?

My personal favorite framework for writing the first page of a business plan is something that Steve Blank created. It’s something that Steve Blank created, I forget what it’s called now, I can find it, but it’s a sheet in which you basically write down the basics of your business: what’s the offering, how you get it to customers, what pain does a customer have that you’re trying to alleviate. Importantly how will they pay you money and how will they become a recurring customer. So these are all things that I captured in that one diagram. When you’re starting out your company, it’s a very good way of expressing all the hypotheses that you have about your business. You can get them on paper and start testing them methodically.



  • Gurjeet Singh, Ayasdi
  • November, 2017
  • 0:57
  • Startup Basics

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