How do you avoid unconscious bias when reviewing candidates?

Abby Maldonado / November, 2017


Abby Maldonado, Diversity Program Specialist, Pinterest explains how to avoid unconscious bias both when reviewing candidates as well as when evaluating employees.

Video Transcript

How do you avoid unconscious bias when reviewing candidates?

We all have unconscious biases. It’s what makes us human. Some ways we can mitigate those biases when it comes to hiring are creating objective processes for how we evaluate talent. Be very clear on what it is that we are looking for before we even evaluate candidates, and measuring each candidate against those objective criteria’s equally. Create a rubric for how we evaluate answers; what does a strong answer look like, what does a poor answer look like, how can we evaluate everyone on that same scale? There are also ways to make sure to mitigate bias when people are getting to the company and you’re evaluating their performance.

Similarly, what is it that you’re looking for at a specific level? Are you giving people the same feedback that you’re giving other people? For example, we often times see women getting feedback about their personality and men get a lot less personality feedback, and it is often time negative personality criticism, and it doesn’t have anything to do with how work actually get done at the company, so focus your feedback on what it takes for work to get done, as opposed to someone’s personality.



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