How do you build a recruiting pipeline that is diverse enough?

Abby Maldonado / November, 2017


Abby Maldonado, Diversity Program Specialist, Pinterest explains that the pipeline problem for diversity recruiting is a narrow analysis and shares how Pinterest works on expanding the existing talent pool with special programs.

Video Transcript

How do you build a recruiting pipeline that is diverse enough?

I think there is a lot of pipeline that is currently being ignored and not necessarily tapped into. We hear a lot about a pipeline problem in tech, and I think that is a narrow analysis of the problem. Yes, there is a somewhat of a pipeline problem, but we’re also not reaching certain people in different groups because we have this idea in our head of what success look like, what a strong engineer look like. We need to broaden the view from which we traditionally think about successful candidates in the tech industry.

One way where we can also do this is to develop specific programs build that talent pipeline. At Pinterest for example, we’ve developed a program specifically for candidates in engineering from non-tradition engineering background, they don’t have a formal computer science degree, maybe they even didn’t go to college or university but they are self-taught coder or went to a coding boot camp. We also know that this pool of talent tends to be a lot more demographically diverse. We built a program called our apprenticeship program where we bring these candidates in and we pair them with a mentor.

We upscale them so that they are performing at a level of a full-time software engineer at Pinterest, then we transition them to a full-time engineering role. We’re building the pipeline as supposed to just swirling around this existing limited talent pool that exist, and is even more so limited when we try to focus on those groups that are underrepresented. We have a responsibility as a tech industry with the knowledge to help build that pipeline up so that we can create greater equality and greater representation.



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