How do you evaluate your team’s performance?

Mary Bui-Pham / November, 2017


Mary Bui-Pham, VP of Operations & Chief of Staff at Yahoo’s Publisher Products explain different level of goals and how to motivate your employees to achieve those goals.

Video Transcript

How do you evaluate your team’s performance?

For us, at Yahoo, we set goals every quarter, so that’s how we evaluate how well the team does. We spend a lot of time talking about what we want to do for the next quarter. Everybody’s performance rating and evaluations are based on how well they’ve done their goals. You always have to give people a reason why and sense of purpose and be very clear about what you expect them to do. Evaluating the team effectiveness and productivity can’t be a gut check.

It has to be based on something that you all agree on and make sure you align on your goals, how they delivered it and what did they deliver really is the whole basis of evaluating, whether your team has been effective or not. I, in general, don’t like the word efficiency you can be very efficient on very bad things. I want to know if my teams have been very efficient or very productive, and that is based on their goals. There are different levels of goals, so how do you set team goals? As a company, we have certain goals, every company, whether you’re public or private. You are either looking to increase your revenue or increase your users.

At the corporate level, you have those overarching goals and then for every team, how those goals cascade down and what is it in addition to the overarching goals. What do the team need to do in order to move fast and in order to achieve? Not just the tactical short-term goals but in the long-term goals. In an engineering organization, it’s a lot about infrastructure. You don’t think about what am I’m going to produce in the next two or three sprints or in the next quarter? You have to think about am I ready to support the business a year from now? Sometimes startups don’t have that luxury, but you still have to think about it and you have to make the trade-offs. It’s really starting out what is the overarching goals, understanding those goals, internalize them for the company and how they affect each of the team members and each of the organizations.



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