How do you know if the decision you made was right?

David Gurle / November, 2017


David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony explain a fast iteration and testing process to discover if the decisions you made was right or not and you will never know before then.

Video Transcript

How do you know if the decision you made was right?

How do you know that your decision is the right one? Two answers to this. Number one is that it’s better to make decisions than not to make any decisions. In other words, it’s better even to make the wrong decision than to make no decisions. Otherwise as the manager, general manager, president, or CEO of any given company you will paralyze your organization.

For any decision I make, I’m probably sure that half of this is wrong. I just don’t know until this is implemented. You have to put the system in place in which decisions are first of all well communicated and well understood and then implement it fast. As they are implemented fast, they are tested fast and then there is no penalty for failure of your decisions. Because if you start penalizing yourself, guilt for example, or penalizing the people who have either made decisions on their own or implemented the decision in a wrong way, you start creating an organization that becomes extremely risk adverse and you start paralyzing the creativity channel and innovation channel of your organization.

It is not about how do you know which decision is right and wrong because sometimes you don’t really know until it’s been implemented. It is about, how do you create the right culture, so the decisions are made, and you learn through whatever the mistakes that happen and you self-correct as quickly as possible.



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