How do you mitigate discrimination in the online marketplace?

David Julius King / November, 2017


David Julius King, Director of Diversity and Belonging, AirBnb explains how to minimize discrimination in the marketplace.

Video Transcript

How do you mitigate discrimination in the online marketplace?

We did a lot in this space in 2016. We had some unfortunate actors on our platform who made comments along the line of racist comments and homophobic comments or rejected people based on their background. As a company, we came together and pulled resources throughout the entire organization, data science, research, engineering, product, design legal, diversity, public-policy communications, basically brought every corner of the organization together to say this is a serious issue. The only way we’re going to deal with it is if everyone of us has a say, has a seat at the table so to speak.

As we sat down to talk about like how we how do we tell the people who are potential discriminatory actors that we don’t want them. We basically said we don’t want you. We have a community commitment now. So when you sign up on the platform or if you’re an existing user you will get a pop-up screen saying that these are our values. Our values include that you will not be a discriminatory actor based on the variety of characteristics; sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. If you don’t inhere to our community commitment you’re no longer on our platform. It’s pretty straightforward.



  • David Julius King, Airbnb
  • November, 2017
  • 1:27
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