How do you mitigate discrimination in the workplace?

David Julius King / November, 2017


David Julius King, Director of Diversity and Belonging, AirBnb explains how to minimize discrimination in the workplace beyond just having anti-discrimination policies.

Video Transcript

How do you mitigate discrimination in the workplace?

Mitigating discrimination in the workplace starts with making sure you have clear anti-discrimination policies. Unlike most companies, we have a very clear anti-discrimination policy. Discrimination is not wanted and if there is discrimination in the workplace we will work to eradicate it. That is very, very important. But there are other ways to do it besides policies and is allowing employees to have a safe space to have conversations about things that are related to discrimination. It’s making sure the managers have all the tools necessary to address potential discriminatory incidents, and making sure as an employee that you feel safe.

If something doesn’t feel right or didn’t sound right and you have a question that you have the appropriate channels; whether it be talent partners, your manager, the legal team, my team, people that you can go to and that you can trust will address any discrimination in the workplace. We have a tool where you can either anonymously or not, submit any incidents you see relevant to discrimination area.

It can be something you’ve experienced personally or could be something you saw through a third party lens where you feel that it needs to go to a particular party and be addressed. For those tools, if you want to be named in that particular incident, you can name yourself, and not be anonymous but if you want to be anonymous you can also be anonymous. There are a lot of tools out there that do just that.



  • David Julius King, Airbnb
  • November, 2017
  • 1:41
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