How does a perfect startup team look like?

Emil Eifrem / November, 2017


Emil Eifrem, CEO and Founder of Neo Technology explains two skills that are important at the early stage of building your startup.

Video Transcript

How does a perfect startup team look like?

I think in the early phases the perfect startup team has one builder and one seller, and sometimes it is the same person but I do think that there’s a lot of value in having a team in an early part of the startup. Because building a startup is freaking hard, so you want to be multiple people. But you really want someone who’s awesome at building stuff and then someone who’s awesome at selling stuff, right. When I say sell stuff, it doesn’t necessarily mean selling it for money, selling the vision, selling something like that.

Since my background is in software, there’s a lot of founders who are awesome at the build stuff but they’re very awkward at the selling part and my advice to them is always to just focus on the product and build the product until it is the best solution for the problem that you’re solving, way better than all of your competitors. Once you get to that point, then just tell the customer. Because that leans into the skillset that they have, typically they’re very comfortable building a better product and once they know it’s the better product whether they are right or wrong, once they know that, they’ll be able to tell the world that. That’s one way of hacking if you’re just a builder, hacking becoming better at the selling aspect. But I think those are the two skills that you have to have in the early part of the startup.



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