How does management change as we scale?

Marten Mickos / November, 2017


Marten Mickos, CEO, HackerOne explain one significant component that changes as companies’ scales.

Video Transcript

How does management change as we scale?

Management has one word. It’s called management but it changes at every stage, so when you manage a small startup you’re managing mostly yourself, then you start managing your co-founders and it’s difficult to know how it will change. A main component that changes is information sharing and any startup you go into, they always say “oh, I don’t know what’s happening anymore, information is not being shared”.

But at the same time, everybody says “I have too many emails”. So the notion of information sharing is an indicator of how management must change and you must learn to delegate, you must learn to divide people into smaller groups to accomplish things. It changes all the time: you can go a year or two with one system and then you need a new one because the company has grown.



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