How important is it to have IP protection when fundraising?

Mitch Kitamura / October, 2018


Mitch Kitamura launched JAIC’s US investment arm in 2000 and brings a comprehensive background in business expansion between Asia and the US, having invested across 30 startups. At Draper Nexus, he specializes in Consumer/ Enterprise Internet Services and Mobile in US and Japan.

Watch this video with Mitch Kitamura as he quickly explains if IP is important for fundraising or not.

Video Transcript:

How important is it to have IP protection when fundraising?

It’s more like a nice to have for us investors. We invest in Series A and sometimes Series B kind of companies. Obviously, they have to have a differentiation, a unique advantage compared to other competitors.

If the IP itself is there or not, is not the biggest criteria. It is better to have it but if the company doesn’t have IP it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t invest. We do invest in some of the companies without IP as well.

The most important thing is really the team and the market. How is the team built up? What kind of CEO is there? What kind of people is on the team? How big is the market they are trying to attack? Team and market are the two most important things from our point of view.



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