How involved do VCs want to be
with their portfolio companies?

Brian Ascher / November, 2017


Brian Ascher, Partner at Venrock explains how investors work with their portfolio companies and the level of involvement they have.

Video Transcript

So I think it will differ by venture capitalist, but traditionally and ourselves included at Venrock we’re early stage investors and we want to get intimately involved with the companies helping whenever we possibly can. We actually don’t even really think of this job as venture capitalist as a finance role. I’m not particularly good at spreadsheets, I don’t think like an investor, I try to think like a partner to the entrepreneur. And so that can take many forms certainly we help with strategy, we help with recruiting and building out the team, we want to be a guide and resource to the entrepreneur, we get heavily involved in fundraising. The one thing that VCs are, is we are a customer of pitch proposals, investment proposals. So we can be really helpful in helping a company craft a story for later fundraising rounds. But really it is anything that they need we will try and help on, I try to make myself available 24 by 7 with an extremely high service level. That’s the nature of what we do is to help entrepreneurs.



  • Brian Ascher, Venrock
  • November, 2017
  • 1:24
  • Funding

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