How late into building my startup can I still go and raise funding?

Ash Damle / November, 2017


Ash Damle, Founder and CEO, Lumiata received its first round of VC funding, series A, seven years after he started the company.

Video transcript

How late into building my startup can I still go and raise funding?

Especially now with so many things where the cost of building something is much more reduced, building an MVP actually is not a barrier. I would suggest people to do so, it will improve your likelihood of getting funding, accelerate the whole process. I spent a number of years bootstrapping it because this was sort of a passion of mine. You also have to understand is the market-ready for what you’re doing as well. What is the outlay? You have to understand that people investing are looking for a return in a period of time. It is about pulling in these different things and understands when the right time to get investors is and understand what it is you need from your investors, why you need them and how you actually overall scale.



  • Ash Damle, Lumiata
  • November, 2017
  • 0:55
  • Funding

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