How often or how actively should you track your competitors?

Ash Damle / November, 2017


Ash Damle, Founder and CEO of Lumiata explains the best way to track competitors.

Video Transcript

How often or how actively should you track your competitors?

All the time. Everyone in the company is always reading what else is going out there in a variety of ways and leveraging slack or everything else and disseminating that information across. It is important for us to understand what are the viewpoints that others are bringing to bear what’s the differentiation. Parts of the competitive environment is that how do you differentiate what you do versus others. One of our core differentiators is that we give you the chain of medical reasoning behind every one of our predictions, kind of using deep learning to explain deep learning. That to us is a differentiator so we’re always looking out are people coming, are people realizing that that is important, what’s going on? As Bill Gates says, from Microsoft, you can’t lose your focus on the customer. Every day you have to think about the customer and the value driving to them, and in some way to the exclusion of everything else. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cognizant of what’s coming out because that is important to messaging and marketing positioning so people can understand the value you’re building and delivering.



  • Ash Damle, Lumiata
  • November, 2017
  • 1:18
  • Product

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