How should startups think about their mobile strategy?

Edith Yeung / November, 2017


Edith Yeung, Partner, Mobile Collective at 500 Startups explains why having a mobile app can be very expensive and may or may not be the right strategy for you.

Video Transcript

How should startups think about their mobile strategy?

So first, I think everybody should think about mobile strategy but depends on what you’re working on. Mobile may or may not be the first thing that you do. For example, yesterday I was chatting with a couple of folks working on educational content. Mobile apps are very expensive to do marketing. CPI, CPA, cost per user acquisition, cost per install is very expensive.

If you are a content-driven startup, even if it would make sense, it will probably be easier for you to build a mobile-optimized website than building an app. I think longer-term of course you can have much better control in terms of engagements, you can do push notifications, all kind of things on an app. But still, don’t rush into it, just because it sounds like such a hip thing.

I would say that it’s cheaper to test out some of your mobile ideas first via mobile web. On top of that you can test it on Facebook and test it on Twitter, you can test it on messaging apps, and you will be able to see what’s the click-through or what the reactions of these users first before you spend a lot of money on apps. Because it’s not about building the apps is easy, it’s maintaining, is a lot of work.



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