How to build an inclusive startup culture from the start? Top advice from Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant / June, 2018


Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code is being interviewed by Pramila Mullan, Senior Principal at Accenture Ventures at Silicon Valley Forum’s 2018 Visionary Awards.

In this 10-minute interview, Kimberly shares her insights to the challenges and successes of building Black Girls Code as well as her recommendations on how to build an inclusive startup culture from the start and her top three advice to entrepreneurs.

1:21 – What has been your biggest challenge in building Black Girls Code?
2:10 – The impact of Black Girls Code since inception?
4:27 – What is the difference between social entrepreneurship and doing business for profit?
6:00 – What recommendations do you give for founders to create an inclusive culture from the start?
7:50 – What is your top three advice for entrepreneurs?



  • Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code & Pramila Mullan, Accenture Ventures
  • June, 2018
  • 10:38
  • Diversity, Team

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