Should I bootstrap
or go for funding?

Brayton Williams / November, 2017


Brayton Williams, Co-Founder and Partner at Boost VC explains why bootstrapping is a great option to fundraising.

Video Transcript

Should I bootstrap or go for funding?

I think that’s a great question now and in Silicon Valley in general. Everyone kind of looks at the next person and says “this is how much they’ve raised”, “this means they are successful”and everyone just comparing themselves to whoever has raised the most money. I think it’s ridiculous, you can build a great business without raising any money.

If you look at GitHub, founded in 2007, didn’t raise money til 2012. They raised a hundred million dollars in 2012 so that’s kind of different, but they bootstrapped it until that point. Microsoft raised a million dollars and we see where they are today. So great businesses can be built. I think it’s ridiculous. Everyone’s kind of comparing themselves to the big companies out there raising much money. I hear stories all the time, people raising a ton of money and when you get a bunch of money, they put much more pressure on you, you got to spend it. Lot of companies fail because they get too much money.



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