What are some best practices in PR?

Shernaz Daver / November, 2017


Shernaz Daver, CMO, Udacity and Executive Advisor at Google Ventures explain the importance of having business objectives to a press release and how that first press release should look like.

Video Transcript

What are some best practices in PR?

My favorite thing is when I have founders and they go “oh my God, we need to do a press release” and I go “why do you need to do a press release”, and if they’re answer tends to be “oh, because someone so did a press release” or “because my friend did a press release and I went to a party and he said, why don’t you do a press release?” then I decide that’s the wrong answer to a press release. A press release or PR is not about ego for the founder or the co-founder or to get to tell your neighbor you won upon them, that’s useless, that’s not a way to do it.

You should do a press release if you feel you need to hire people or if you feel a competitor is coming out and you want to get ahead of them. Those are important reasons to do it or if you feel you need to raise another round of funding. Those make sense to me because they are rooted in objective business reasons for doing it and there’s nothing to do with ego. So every time I talk to a founder, that’s what I tell them to their first press release.

Your first press release, your first PR is always your hardest, and the reason it’s your hardest is that you are forced to come together with your co-founders and tell people what you want your company to be. I worked for companies that have two people to 2.2 billion, but the problem or the challenge is the same: how do I tell the story really simply and if you’re a startup, that’s the part where you suddenly go “oh my God, is this really what he thinks I want the company to be?” and the guy does “is this really what she thinks the company is supposed to be?”, that’s not what we founded. Because when you put in black and white or you’re writing it, it becomes more real. So that tends to be the hardest because you’re telling the story of the company and laying the foundation and then after that, it gets a lot easier.



  • Shernaz Daver, Udacity
  • November, 2017
  • 1:53
  • Marketing & Sales, Marketing

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