What are some measurable goals in diversity recruiting?

Abby Maldonado / November, 2017


Abby Maldonado, Diversity Program Specialist, Pinterest explains why measurable goals in diversity recruiting is important and shares the goal that Pinterest is working towards.

Video Transcript

What are some measurable goals in diversity recruiting?

I think having specific goals for your diversity hiring for your diversity teams and for your company is really important. At Pinterest, we are pretty public about the goals that we have for recruiting more diverse talent, and for the type of company, we want to build. We are specifically focused on increasing the number of underrepresented ethnic minorities and women in tech position and underrepresented minorities across the company.

I think it’s important to have a goal like any other business outcome, you want to have a goal that people are held accountable for, and it must come from the top. Having a goal is essential to make progress like you would for revenue or growth, and diversity is no different. You need to put a goal in place if you want to see measurable progress. We are really focused on increasing underrepresented minorities across the company to 12 percent.



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