What are some misconceptions about fundraising?

Vasudev Bailey / November, 2018


Vasudev (Vas) Bailey invests in disruptive tech, consumer and healthcare (therapeutic, diagnostic, device, digital) companies as a Partner at ARTIS Ventures. In this video, Vasudev shares some common misconceptions about fundraising.

Video transcript:

What are some misconceptions about fundraising?

The thing that comes to mind is that a lot of founders think that fundraising is a long arduous and miserable process. It really doesn’t have to be. Fundraising should be fun. It’s like one time when you’re in the spotlight. You get to tell your story. You get tell people your vision and what you’re building. Be proud of it and own it. Tell the world what you’re building and I think you’ll just have a much better time.

The second thing I think is people think it is about the data they generated. They’ve built a good product, they’ve built a good technology, fundraising will be easy. Not enough. It is also about the people, are you humble enough, are you bringing a right network of people around you with the right technical skills and operational skills to make it happen.

A third thing I’d say is, a lot of founders want to go for the highest valuation and how much money they can bring in. It isn’t about that. Don’t treat fundraising as a one-way interview where a fund is going to ask you a lot of questions. Think of it strategically where you get to ask questions back to the fund as well. See if the board members or the network they have the right people for you. Let it be a two-way street.

Don’t rush into the highest valuation but think strategically as to is this fund going to be with you long-term and will they be the right fund for this growth phase of your startup.



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