What are some of the common HR mistakes?

Jessica Messano / April, 2018


Jessica Messano, Director of HR at Execustaff HR explains what payroll tasks you should outsource and what tasks you should have control of.

Video Transcript:

What are some of the common HR mistakes?

One of the biggest mistakes it’s just people not being prepared, so not really having thought out what the role will actually be, what the purpose of the job is. I’ve seen a lot of occasions where there is just a general idea why you are hiring someone to come on, but it’s not completely fleshed out.

That just leaves the employee a bit confused on how to contribute to the company. It doesn’t make for a really good employee experience, so that doesn’t really bode well to be able to retain that person. They like to be able to at least have certain jobs and tasks and expectations spelled out from the beginning. A lot of times if that isn’t really fleshed out upfront with very specific objectives for that role, then it doesn’t typically go well.

I think some of the most common mistakes is just lack of information as far as what employment laws might apply. How to go about the interviewing process, what documents you might need to keep for record-keeping purposes, should a claim ever come up or you ever have an audit. I think that’s a critical component that I don’t think a lot of people consider making sure that they have the right record in place.

They should definitely have the hiring records, so the people who applied, making sure they have that information, any hiring decisions that should be documented. Again, if there’s an offer letter having a personnel file in the right records in there. Making sure that you’re doing the I-9 forms within 72 hours when a new person comes on-board is critical for compliance.

Again, there are so many different rules regarding pay periods. How frequently can you pay your employees, how long after a pay period can I take before I give the person a paycheck. If someone leaves the company how quickly do I have to get out a paycheck. There just a lot of different rules that are in this area so it’s nice to have that expertise from an individual who is handling that for you.



  • Jessica Messano, Execustaff HR
  • April, 2018
  • 2:37
  • Team, HR & Admin

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