What are some viral growth tactics?

Shernaz Daver / November, 2017


Shernaz Daver, Advisory Partner, GV and Executive Adviser at Kitty Hawk explain viral growth tactics and give an example. [note – Shernaz was CMO at Udacity at time of filming]

Video Transcript

What are some viral growth tactics?

I have this belief that if you are startup, there is no way you have enough money or resources to do something really big. It’s just not possible to do it, so you have to do something clever and I think it could be viral tactic so if it’s online but they are really more like guerilla marketing tactics. Do something that gets me noticed, to make me look bigger than I really am, and that’s an important way to look at it.

Some of these can go offline and some of these can go online. So I’ll give you an example of both: I used to work at a tiny company in technology and it was the company that Walmart bought and it became the technology division of Walmart and what our goal was, so to just give everyone perspective. Walmart is the largest company in the world. It employees about 2.2 million people on the best days. It is a equivalent of a minor country and its annual revenue I would say is up to 40 to 70 billion a year. So if you look at it it’s pretty big.

Our company was 70 people. When we came in, we decided we want to create a brand that Walmart was known for technology. We didn’t expect to beat amazon.com immediately, we just want to be in the conversation. So once you knew that goal, we tried to create some tactics that nobody had done before. One of the things we did, that had very little to do with quote on quote core marketing, but have to do with the business, was creating an entire division and call it At Walmart Labs, because if I wanted to hire an engineer out of Facebook or LinkedIn or Google, they were never going to come and work at Walmart. Because if you said I work at Walmart they’re going to go “well, are you working at the cash register?”, you’re not going to be that kind of developer. But what they wanted to do is to say “yeah, I’m working At Walmart Lab becasue that had a cache to it.

So that was one of the things we did, which was really more like guerilla marketing in a way, because we could actually get people in. Our email said At Walmart Lab and our business cards said at Walmart Labs, and that’s kind of what we did with it overall. So that was one of those things that perse from an overall standpoint helped a whole lot.



  • Shernaz Daver, GV
  • November, 2017
  • 2:13
  • Marketing & Sales, Marketing

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