What are the common mistakes of bad management?

Marten Mickos / November, 2017


Marten Mickos, CEO, HackerOne explains absent management and ignorant management and shares his key advice to be a better manager.

Video Transcript

What are the common mistakes of bad management?

Bad management usually means absent management or ignorant management. It’s not that people are bad managers, it’s that they are things they don’t realize they have to do. They have to double-check and make sure that people are on-board. They have to listen to people and go back and confirm what they have said. They have to take care of things and sort of think ahead. I don’t think there are really bad managers, there are just some managers that don’t realize all the small things they need to take care of.

The best advice I can give to a manager is to learn, to see the world like the people who report to the manager. So if you really can think, what does this person need from me to be successful, what might this person be wondering about, what might this person’s limitations be, in what way might the person misunderstand me as a leader, what might make this person angry or upset. If you can think through all of this, then you’ll figure out what you need to do as a leader to motivate them and keep them productive and make them loyal to the company.



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