What are the general responsibilities of the operations team?

Anna Counselman / November, 2017


Anna Counselman, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, Upstart explains some of the typical operations responsibilities at a startup.

Video Transcript

What are the general responsibilities of the operations team?

It can be different for every company but generally, operations for us is the team that sits between our customers and our product engineering team, so for us, it means anything that interacts with the customer. In a lending space, it’s the underwriting team, its supporting servicing team, and then the collections team. For different companies, it can look different. When I worked at Google it was people that deals with sales and operation and customers. Generally, the way that I see my role and my team’s role is to be that interface between the customers and our product so that we can continuously make it better and better and better so that we continue to evolve as a company.



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