What are the key attributes of a great business developer?

Peter Mullen / November, 2017


Peter Mullen, Director of Business Development, Accomplio explains the key attributes of a successful business developer.

Video Transcript

What are the key attributes of a great business developer?

In my mind, the key attributes are a couple of things. One is, I think, it really helps to have a vision and by that, it’s the ability to see things that others may not see or to kind of see the future when it’s not readily apparent. Many times, business developers who are trying to facilitate partnerships, they’re going to be in competition with other companies to do that and they need to be able to paint a vision about what the partnership looks like, what it can deliver.

Vision is one of those things that’s really difficult to teach, you either kind of have it as a fundamental quality or you don’t. I think some other key attributes are just as is important in sales as well, just having a keen ear for listening and listening more than you talk. You’re listening for what somebody is saying or what they need but you’re also listening for what they don’t say or listening for cues that might give you an indication about their willingness to go one direction or another.

I think everyone in any kind of an outreach world needs to be passionate and completely believe in what they’re selling or the company that they’re representing. You can’t really trick your way into a dealer or partnership and kind of maintain what I would consider the long-term value of a particular partnership. I think those are the key elements that make a really good business developer.


  • Peter Mullen, Accomplio
  • November, 2017
  • 1:45
  • Marketing & Sales, Business Development

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