What are the key tactics for building a product with high retention?

Becky Ann Hughes / November, 2017


Becky Ann Hughes, VP, Glu Mobile shares three factors in building high retention games that you can learn from in building any type of product.

Video Transcript

What are the key tactics for building a product with high retention?

Retention is extremely important for video games. The first thing is just to have a good game. Making sure it is a good experience, it’s fun and engaging and you want to play it multiple times a day.

It has an addictive nature. Second thing is to make sure there is a good onboarding and re-onboarding process, so that when someone downloads and plays the app for the first time. They actually want to play again and they are engaged by it. The third is to make sure that we have tight system in early, mid and elder game play to keep the experience fresh long term.



  • Becky Ann Hughes, Glu Mobile
  • November, 2017
  • 0:55
  • Product

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