What are the practical steps in hiring my first employee?

Jessica Messano / April, 2018


Jessica Messano, Director of HR at Execustaff HR explains the important steps to take when you want to start hiring your first employees in the US, such as getting a workers’ compensation insurance policy and to register with Employment Development Department.

Video Transcript:

What are the practical steps in hiring my first employee?

There are a lot of steps to hiring your first employee, so I would say the first step is to just familiarize yourself with what employment laws will now be applicable for you when you bring that first person on-board.

In particular, I would say you’d want to make sure that you’re familiar with the fair labor standards act. That provides all the different regulations for pay; overtime pay, minimum-wage, exemption statuses, time-keeping requirements, so it’s pretty critical to make sure that you’re aware of the right ways to pay your employee.

Another one, when you bring someone on-board and decide to bring a background check or a credit report. There is a fair credit reporting act and there are certain requirements about how and when you can use that information. That’s also one you want to just be very mindful of.

You also want to put some thoughts into what benefits will you be offering the new hire, how are you going to attract and retain this person. Some of the most common questions from candidates or new hires are; what are some of the holidays that are being offered, what about time off, do you offer a PTO plan, vacation, sick leave, things of that nature, health, dental, vision benefits. What’s in it for them – that something that you want to make sure you have addressed upfront.

What is also important is to make sure that you’ve really thought out what you are hiring this person to do and to do that in a job description format. It will outline what the essential functions of the role are. It gives that person a summary of what they’re being hired to do, but also list the different qualifications that will be needed to be able to fulfill that role.

You also want to make sure that you have an offer letter template in place, again that’s a really important document to have that will outline job title, a start date of employment, rate of pay and pay frequency so, all of the key critical points of information that the employee or the new hire want to know right away in the offer letter.

You also want to make sure you have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place as that’s required once you have an employee on staff. Then you need to register with the Employment Development Department as it is a requirement for companies to report all new hires to the state.

Employment Development Department – Employer Services:



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  • April, 2018
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