What are the right questions to ask myself when building a product?

Jessica Mah / November, 2017


Jessica Mah, CEO and Co-Founder of InDinero explains why passion is so important when building a startup and product and some questions to ask yourself before starting.

Video Transcript

What are the right questions to ask myself when building a product?

Some of the questions I’m asking myself when I’m evaluating a business idea, is this something that I can pour my heart and soul into for the next ten or twenty years? Because building a startup is really hard and I just want to make sure I’m passionate about what I am doing. With InDinero I knew that I was going to be doing this for a very long time.

I worked on other business ideas that I wasn’t super passionate about. I didn’t ask myself that question and I regret that, so I would say that’s the most important thing. Another question I would ask is how big is the market for this? How many people actually need this? I thought about many ideas as genius but it doesn’t help that many people.

With InDinero I liked the business idea because all of my entrepreneur friends can use it. Every single business could use what I’m selling. Whereas some other niche products out there is really hard to find the right people who might actually by that. That would be the second most important thing. Also, is this an idea that I can get all my employees excited about? Because they got to be bought in just as much as I am. Those are the three big questions I would ask.



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