What kind of expertise does my team need to build a great hardware product?

Cyril Ebersweiler / November, 2017


Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder and Managing Director at HAX explains the different skillset and team composition you’ll need to have when building a hardware startup.

Video Transcript

What expertise should I have in the team to successfully build a hardware product?

There are almost no perfect hardware team. One of the reason is that it’s very complex. You could actually, if you wanted to have a fully-fledged team, of course you would get, a business person, you will get an electrical engineer, someone doing the software side of things and software means hardware software firmware, but also the app, the website, the cloud, you would have a mechanical engineer, you would have someone who is specialized in manufacturing, you would have a specialist in industrial design. The list can be quite long of what you need.

It is fairly impossible to have the full team at the very beginning, which means that most of those teams will need to learn how to amend their skills. Sometimes get the help of external companies to do that, that also means managing them and being able to work with them and level the resources. And that sometimes include the factories and other players that are involved entirely with your business.

But some other times that means that you will need to think about it from a temporal stand point being that, you would hire people for a week or a month or two months, so you need to be ready to have that flexibility, as it’s very unlikely that you would have a world class industrial designer, if your company doesn’t have that in their DNA.



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