What have been your three major challenges in building an AI startup?

Ash Damle / November, 2017


Ash Damle, Founder and CEO of Lumiata explains the top challenges with building an AI startup in the healthcare industry.

Video Transcript

What have been your three major challenges in building an AI startup?

There are three things that come into bear. The first is data. We just went through an entire conference talking about data as the new oil. It is really a key part even from experiential data from having someone interacting on a website to having a long history like we do in healthcare. Key for any AI to really be able to learn and have a value.

The second part is the team. AI is not just about data scientists, but data scientist in conjunction with people that are domain expert in different areas. For us it’s clinicians, we have multiple clinicians as part of the team, and I have always felt that to be the core as to how we move forward. And that it’s true if you move into security, to retail or whatever. Having domain experts sitting side by side with the data scientist I believe is key towards actually arriving at success.

Lastly, the challenge is that you’re building something new. You are now enabling that human level of cognition and capability to now be applied to business that scale, so that really comes into change management. How do you affect people business processes to be able to take advantage of something that is new? Is it vertically integrated, is it plugged in, how exactly does it happen. Those are the three challenges; the data to actually be able to build, the team to make it happen and lastly how do you operationalize it in the enterprise to make it, in reality, something of value. Those are the three challenges that are there for an AI startup.



  • Ash Damle, Lumiata
  • November, 2017
  • 1:45
  • Product

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