What is an accelerator and how does it work?

Brayton Williams / November, 2017


Brayton Williams, Co-Founder and Partner at Boost VC explains why the right amount of effort and investment into your startup is important.

Video Transcript

There are many forms of accelerators. Throughout the years, Y Combinator was the biggest one that started, the earliest that kind of got it going, which is basically grouping together companies and running them through a type of program and mentorship, and group investing as well. So we are doing the same thing here, in Boost VC, except we take a little bit further and we actually provide housing and office space to our companies, so it’s a very immersive feel. Then we only invest in two verticals: virtual reality and the blockchain. So we’re trying to bring passionate people from all over the world. I think 33% of our companies are international, we bring them here to Silicon Valley, we invest in them, we run them through the program. One of the biggest value-adds of an accelerator for sure is just being around other entrepreneurs who are working on the same problems. There aren’t many people in the world that believe in like the blockchain, but here everyone believes in it. Virtual reality is very hyped right now, but still not that many people working on virtual reality. Here everyone’s working on it. So it’s a great way to become a part of something bigger and has other people around you supporting you.



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